Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lumberjack Black Bears

Approx. 8" High

Most of my stuffed softies are contrived of all original patterns. Often, the patterns don't even exist on paper, only in my head. When it comes to choosing materials for my work, it is always about loving them visually. I don't purchase anything that I don't personally love, so that makes the entire creative process very enjoyable.

So with that said, I believe that inspiration has to come from your own life and experienes in order to create something really great. These sweet black bears happened when I took the yarn in my hands and my mind began to wander. They are lovingly crocheted amigurumi style.

Deep in the upper peninsula forest, these lumberjack bears make their home. They make adorable gifts for children and bear collectors.

Approx. 8" High

Please email me at pinecone@jamadots.com or call at 906-494-2610 Eastern Standard Time if you have questions in regard to price, size, and payment. You may also leave a comment on this post and I will respond in this section. Personal checks are our only method of payment at this time.


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