Friday, December 31, 2010

Spin of Color Pincushion

A spin of colors is a good way to describe this pincushion. It is 5" across and 3" tall and able to hold a lot of straight pins and sewing needles. A pewter button was attached firmly in the center to finish the spin on this wool/blend garter knit pincushion. It is the largest pincushion I have made so far...but, I beleive the one I am still working on might be just a little larger.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Pincushion Patch?

Whoever said that pincushions do not grow in a patch? I don't know..not me, because it is looking like these are starting their own winter garden patch!These garter stitch pincushions are very attractive to the eye because of all the different colors. In the center of each pincushion { on top} a cool button was attached in the center of the spiral. I bet a tiny knitted ball could be attached with a black cord like some pincushions have those little "strawberries" things where you an sharpen your sewing needles. Anyway, these pincushions are really not difficult to make, just more time consuming. But if you do not make too big of one, not really. Also it a good way to use small amounts of yarn you may have hanging around, waiting to become something unique! And they are nice pincushions....the straight pins go in and stay in. I made one these pincushions that can be seen on an earlier post...I use it all the time. Hey, it works and is pretty, too.
There is a really big pincushion that is "growing" in my kniting bag that is probably going to make it's debut one day on our blog. It just might be be "The Great Pincushion". Oh could make a HUGE pincushion made from orange yarn that looks like a pumpkin. Step back, Charlie Brown.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Some Yarn, Beads, and Buttons...

This button/trinket bracelet is my latest work in progress. A wool blend yarn by Paton's was used to crochet the band of the bracelt itself. Then a brown perle cotton was used to single crochet around the entire edge. The really fun part was looking through our button box stash and hunt for all kinds of buttons for it. I also added some beads....some are round and a few glass flower beads A lightweight ultrasuede will be sewn on the back as a backing to finish it off. The final touch is a very cute gold cherub button that has to be sewn in place as the button closure. Yarn, beads, buttons, some thread and something to use as backing and you have a nice project to work on while watching TV. or a movie....and it is fun to do, too. Create a bracelet!

Friday, December 24, 2010

I'm trying to sleep, here....

Robin was nestled all snug under the Christmas tree when someone kept taking snapshots and disrupting her much needed sleep before Santa's arrived.
Her expression looks like:I'm trying to get some sleep, here....if you don't mind!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hey,would you turn the tree lights on?

This is my cat, Robin. My camera batttery is charging..otherwise I would have tried to get a photo of Robin snoozing under the Christmas tree, which is her favorite spot to take a nap lately. She must like the warmth from the Christmas lights!!!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Lumberjack Bears for Christmas

These little handcrafted Lumberjack Bears with the colors of Christmas they look sweet sitting under a Christmas tree....and are very "northwoods". These are the last two bears available. They are completely hand crocheted and then stuffed firm so they can sit up...and measure about 8"tall. Perhaps, some crocheted baby black bear cubs will be showing up in Spring!!!!
These little guys are inspired from the black bears in this area.