Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Dragon...

Dragon's appear most in fairy tales and myths. In most cases the dragon is the keeper of some treasure, either gold and precious jewels or a maiden in despair. There is something magical about dragons that has kept our intrique over many centuries. They are thought to have wings and breath fire. They can be found in caves, fire, or anywhere dark and damp.
This one is painted on a rock.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Mushroom Scout

After scouting around in the woods, Vergil finally found a tiny spotted mushroom! Extremely happy it now appears as though Vergil is ready for a long afternoon nap. His eyelids are getting heavy he can't keep his eyes open any longer. He begins to squint and blink as if the sunlight is just way too bright for him. A few snorts and small burps later he is fast asleep in the dirt, content to be a pig.
Sweet dreams. I always did like pigs!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Spider's Work

It is a foggy morning, so this example of this spider's work may not be the best photo, but it is cool looking with the dew on it. It says that spider webs are a protenaces silk protein extruded from a spider's spinnerets. The difference between spider webs and cobwebs is, spider webs are still in use, while cobwebs have been abandoned. This one does not look abandoned, the spider is probably sleeping in late under our closed table umbrella.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jurassic Plant?

Since this is the season for gardening and plants growing. I decided to take a photo of this spectacular succulent!
I refer to this plant as my Jurrasic plant. It looks so prehistoric to me. The plant itself is huge so I suppose that is why it makes me think of something a dinosaur would have perhaps liked to munch on. The stem and branches are rather crooked and growing in such a way where the branches drape over the big clay pot. No dinosaurs, here.... but, what if there were? I guess, they would have this plant to chew on.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Still flowers, right?

This beautiful plant is I believe a Lantana Sunrise Rose. We do not have a flower garden...but, do have some very nice plants in containers. I have 7 cactus in different containers. It is too early in the season for the one cactus that gets tiny pink flowers, it has only one bloom so far.
This saturday is a garden tour in Grand Marais, like I say we do not have really big beautiful garden like some ladies in town...but, container gardens can be just as nice, just smaller! But I do not believe we qualify for the actual garden tour.
We do have garden related items in our gift shoppe. My mom, Dorothy has hand painted beautiful flowers painted on all kinds of glassware. She has already sold many of them. They are really lovely. We have some handpainted garden ladybug rocks, too.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Model Bear

This bear is named Cedar. She likes brightly colored jackets. She likes to have her picture taken, you can see she is not camera shy and will pose like a model when she she hears the shutter on a camera clicking!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Night Shift in the Garden

Lady bug~ are described as any certain beetle small, roundish beetles with spotted backs, often brightly colored : both larve and adults feed on insect pests and their eggs: also ladybird,lady beetle.
These handpainted lady bug rocks are on a night shift of busily keeping a garden free from pests. It was at night when the camera flash went off, and they were rather surprised and giggled nervously, but continued avenging ahpids and such.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


It looks like Cyclops are everywere from this photo... no, just on our table that I painted!
In Greek mythology they are described as a race of giants who only had one eye in the middle of their forehead. In the movies where people came across a forgotten island where time forgot that dinosaurs no longer inhabit the earth,there always seemed to be a Cyclops that was blinking that one huge eye and grabbing at humans as they ran scrambling to get away from the it. I always liked those kind of movies now though , when I see those movies today they do not looks so real as when a kid!
Oh well...there still are some Cyclops looking at you, kid!