Friday, October 29, 2010

Blue Spruce in the Evening

This a blue spruce is just a beautiful tree. I could not resist taking a snapshot of it. It almost looks like it has frost on it..but, that is the color of it.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Softie for Keys

You know that feeling when you misplace your keys? Well... this softie house key fob is big enough to find them at the bottom your purse, and hopefully easier to find if misplaced. This is my first key fob of this type. I created the pattern,...but, after the house was sewn and stuffed .. I wondered if the roof part should be "remodeled". So I drew up a new pattern that has less of a peak to the roof. All of the fabrics that were used are recycled, except for the fabric the window is made from. A tiny button was used for the doorknob. The loop at the top of the roof could be the the chimney...yeah, why not? I added a a white colored metal trinket charm with the #43, a wire mesh bead and a colorful glass bead. I am going to be making more of these house key fobs in various color combinations for our gift shoppe and an upcoming Christmas craft show.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Little Book of Spells

This little "Book of Spells" part of our Halloween decor. My sister, Nancy created it and gave it to me. I just love it...the images are so awesome with the women with witch hats!

Spooktacular was a great success! The night was beautiful, crisp air and a glowing moon that shone in the dark night sky. We had treats, candy and hot coffee for the people that came out on this night of fun! We even had some cute little children that were checking all the Halloween lights out and "spooky" stuff. They liked the cookies and the talking trunk that contained candy bars!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Swamp Ghoul

This evening an early swamp ghoul came out so I caught this snapshot, and the jack o' lantern is not even lit. I tossed him a popcorn ball, he nodded and said " I'll be back"as he hobbled back into the woods!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Trinket Memory Pouch

This is a Day of the Dead trinket memory pouch. It was made so it can hang on a wall. It is made from new and recycled fabrics and has a pouch or pocket so that trinkets or photos can be tucked into the hanging itself. The skull is amade of fabric and has been stained with coffee to add depth. There are 5 fabric roses sewn on the top of the skull. It has bead trinkets attached to the hanging itself ,buttons and a big fabric flower is in the corner...but, additional trinkets could be just pinned right on. There is a loop on the left side for placing a favorite flower of a deceased loved one. It measures about 9" by 15" including the hanging loop.
Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday celebrated on November 2nd. It not meant to be a sad time but, a time of celebrating and remembering lost loved ones and bring tokens to remember people that they loved. The holiday is very colorful and flowers are a big part of this holiday!

Friday, October 08, 2010

Along came a spider....

Along came a spider whose name was Stiletto, just crawling along and looking for candy that one afternoon. It sat down on a leave, no candy to be will have to come back when the full moon is out on Halloween!
This little spider is made from PAPERCLAY, dried and then painted with acrylic paints. Black wire make it's long legs.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

SPOOKTACULAR..A Halloween Event

Our annual Spooktacular HalloweenEvent is going to be October22, 2010..Friday Night. The Crystal Pinecone gift shoppe will be open from 5 to 9pm. on this night. We will have homemade Halloween treats , candy and hot coffee. The pumpkins will be lit and there just may be a witch that likes little kids, giving out candy or a spider or two. It is nice night out for some Halloween fun!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

She is a witch...

The definition of a witch is: an ugly old hag credited with supernatural powers by practicing usually black magic witchcraft.

However this little witch does not fall into that catagory. This witch softie is, from the point of her black hat to the tip of her toes about 11" tall. She is made is made from black wool, her face and arms are a green almost suede-like fabric. Her hat is made with a black satiny fabric. The striped stockings are a knit fabric. On each black boot there is a square green button that resembles a little buckle. Her droopy eyes and the jack o' lantern she carries are both made from Sculpey. I painted her eyes and tried to match the color of her droopy eye lids to match the color of green fabric of her face. She is all dressed up for Halloween and ready to just do some trick or treating for candy.

POOF...the Snicker candy bars are gone!