Friday, March 12, 2010

Colorful Fibers

My creative process is all about celebrating the character of each softie I make. Every color, fiber or yarn is taken into consideration. I most recently did some treasure hunting at resale shops for articles of clothing for the creative journey into creating a character. I start with a general concept and then begin to think about what could I incorporate into my softie. All the fibers and cloth, and if you really study them you can almost see the little characters that are just waiting to be created. For example, that herringbone blazer really could be a little dog softie that has a flair for the classic style.
This way of thinking keeps color in my thoughts even on dark days. There is always a creative place to go. It is journey and you may create something great!
I can make quite a mess looking for a certain fabric from my stash of fabric, felt and plush fur. I know it is there but, somewhere it got lost on the wayside of previous "fabric huntings'. I am rationalzing...there is no time for neatness when on a mission to get back to my softie waiting in my " laboratory".
I want to make a monster softie! I have been inspired by the brillant work of so many artists that make monster-like creations that are so loveable!

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