Thursday, May 06, 2010

Isabella's Ghost

Isabella lived in a fishing village located on a rocky shoreline. The wood buildings were weather beaten from the salty sea air. Isabella was fine lady. She lived in a stone house with huge oak trees that were on each side of the entry way in the drive. The yard was surrounded by a black wrought iron fence. She was happy and in love with a young sea captain who owned a commercial fishing company. He owned a boat called the S.S. Estralita. He very often went out to sea with his crew of men.
It was one fateful day in the fall of 1897 when the sky grew dark and sea began to churn. A terrible storm came up and all were lost at sea on the S.S. Estralita.
It was a sad time in the village at that time. The people had their share of tragedies at sea in the past.
A sad story, indeed for Isabella was never the same. No one knew what happened to her. She was just gone and no one heard from her.
Though as the story goes, it is beleived that the ghost of Isabella walks the rocky cliffs as she looks out to sea, waiting for her beau to return to her.


  1. Thank you for your comment.
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  2. I love it, Peg. Poor Isabella! Hugs, Nance

  3. Thanks for dropping in and reading the sad tale of dear Isabella. Love, Peg

  4. I LOVE her! Too cute. Boy that Nancy has some talented family.


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