Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Still flowers, right?

This beautiful plant is I believe a Lantana Sunrise Rose. We do not have a flower garden...but, do have some very nice plants in containers. I have 7 cactus in different containers. It is too early in the season for the one cactus that gets tiny pink flowers, it has only one bloom so far.
This saturday is a garden tour in Grand Marais, like I say we do not have really big beautiful garden like some ladies in town...but, container gardens can be just as nice, just smaller! But I do not believe we qualify for the actual garden tour.
We do have garden related items in our gift shoppe. My mom, Dorothy has hand painted beautiful flowers painted on all kinds of glassware. She has already sold many of them. They are really lovely. We have some handpainted garden ladybug rocks, too.


  1. We have those, and they are one on my BabyGirl's favorites. I am a big fan of container gardens, especially since my yard seems incapable of letting me grow anything! lol

  2. The Hubs Man and I were talking this past weekend about other plants we could grow in that Hanging Tomato planter. That would be awesome!

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