Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Trinkets & Buttons

This is a closed view of a bracelet that I recently completed. The sun was going down and I thought this old cement pillar might be a nice spot for the photo. It is a chunky cuff-style bracelet encrusted with trinkets, beads and favorite buttons. Some of the trinkets are old and some are new. The base of the bracelet is crocheted from wool sock yarn and edged with a varigated Knit Cro Sheen.

While my sister, Nance and my brother-in-law, Chuck visited us here in Grand Marais, we went to the Soo. My sister and I were on a shopping spree for beads, buttons and various other trinkets to create some bracelets that were in a magazine, Belle Armoire Jewelry. Once we got home we were busy little elves as we created. No patterns, we just started creating!!! It was so quiet in the room as we crocheted, sewed and stitched beads on our creations. We were not able to complete our bracelets during their visit, so this is my "bracelet debut". This bracelet means a lot to me, since we worked on them together.

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  1. Your bracelet came out so amazing! Now, I must get on a serious mission and finish mine. I wish we could work on more projects together. Love, Nance


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