Monday, December 27, 2010

Pincushion Patch?

Whoever said that pincushions do not grow in a patch? I don't know..not me, because it is looking like these are starting their own winter garden patch!These garter stitch pincushions are very attractive to the eye because of all the different colors. In the center of each pincushion { on top} a cool button was attached in the center of the spiral. I bet a tiny knitted ball could be attached with a black cord like some pincushions have those little "strawberries" things where you an sharpen your sewing needles. Anyway, these pincushions are really not difficult to make, just more time consuming. But if you do not make too big of one, not really. Also it a good way to use small amounts of yarn you may have hanging around, waiting to become something unique! And they are nice pincushions....the straight pins go in and stay in. I made one these pincushions that can be seen on an earlier post...I use it all the time. Hey, it works and is pretty, too.
There is a really big pincushion that is "growing" in my kniting bag that is probably going to make it's debut one day on our blog. It just might be be "The Great Pincushion". Oh could make a HUGE pincushion made from orange yarn that looks like a pumpkin. Step back, Charlie Brown.


  1. Hi Peg!
    LOVE these pin cushions!!! What a GREAT and inspiring idea! Can't wait to see the GRAND pin cushion. Hope you had a beautiful and loving Christmas and that your New Year be filled with love, joy and happiness!


  2. So cool, Peg. You are getting quite a "patch" going! Love they way they are turning out. Hugs, Nance


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