Sunday, January 09, 2011

Snow and Ready

Like bits of frozen lace falling from the sky, snowflakes have covered Grand Marais and the surrounding areas with a blanket of pure white fluffy snow. The snowflakes are big and lace-like as they flutter down. At times, they come down very thick.
We do need the month is the U.P. 200, a dog sled race that starts out in Marquette, Michigan and comes all the way through the woods to Grand Marais. That is right, 2oo miles and through the woods at... night! Talk about an adventuresome spirit! It is quite the event to see! The mushers wear big parkas with long fur around their hoods that blows back as they move across the snow. They also wear huge fur mittens that go up to their elbows, just about. It is like something from Alaska. The dogs are the real atheletes, though...they love the snow and the colder the temperature, the better the dogs like it. The sled dogs wear special little boots adapted for running in the snow. So call it "The Call of the Wild" because those dogs live to run!

The snow is so fluffy and accumulates fast. You can even see the nowlakes as they fall caught in the "frozen space" of the above snapshot. Since it is so fluffy it just may seem much more snow has fallen but, it is beautiful and looks like a magical wonderland, outside. Nature has that way of making the the simplest things extraordinary.

The snow has set the scene for a Jack London type event where man and beast are a kin with nature as they glide across the snow with a full moon hovering in the winter night sky.

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  1. Really some awesome shots, Peg! That is a lot of snow. Hope you don't have to shovel too much. Hugs, Nance


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