Thursday, January 27, 2011

Time Machine Pincushion

Pincushions have graced virtually every sewing table that was. They have a splendid history and a charming manner.
In a bygone era, the tinkling bell at the door announces arrival and departure times of the patrons of a dressmaker's shop. Fashionable ladies examined textiles from distant lands that sit stacked from the rug to the rafters of a conveted tea parlor.The sheerest of laces, ribbons, threads, buttons and trinkets fill various rattan baskets while, close at hand a pincushion guards a myrid of sharp, shiny pins and needles. That pincushion is an integral part of the day's interprise.
People today, seem to have a fascination with tool's of the past. Vintage sewing items such as pincushions have become collectibles, as they yield satisfying results of efficiency and have a charm of their own.
This pincushion, has just traveled on a time machine, because this pincushion was made this winter. It is 4" in diameter and 2 and 3/4" tall.

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