Monday, October 11, 2010

Trinket Memory Pouch

This is a Day of the Dead trinket memory pouch. It was made so it can hang on a wall. It is made from new and recycled fabrics and has a pouch or pocket so that trinkets or photos can be tucked into the hanging itself. The skull is amade of fabric and has been stained with coffee to add depth. There are 5 fabric roses sewn on the top of the skull. It has bead trinkets attached to the hanging itself ,buttons and a big fabric flower is in the corner...but, additional trinkets could be just pinned right on. There is a loop on the left side for placing a favorite flower of a deceased loved one. It measures about 9" by 15" including the hanging loop.
Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday celebrated on November 2nd. It not meant to be a sad time but, a time of celebrating and remembering lost loved ones and bring tokens to remember people that they loved. The holiday is very colorful and flowers are a big part of this holiday!


  1. That is a darling bag you've made. Such a super neat idea! I love the little spider you've created also--- makes me want to get out the ol' paper clay. (Although I have yet to master that stuff lol)

  2. Such a nice comment!!!!Thank you.
    PAPERCLAY is some pretty neat stuff to work with.


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