Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Softie for Keys

You know that feeling when you misplace your keys? Well... this softie house key fob is big enough to find them at the bottom your purse, and hopefully easier to find if misplaced. This is my first key fob of this type. I created the pattern,...but, after the house was sewn and stuffed .. I wondered if the roof part should be "remodeled". So I drew up a new pattern that has less of a peak to the roof. All of the fabrics that were used are recycled, except for the fabric the window is made from. A tiny button was used for the doorknob. The loop at the top of the roof could be the the chimney...yeah, why not? I added a a white colored metal trinket charm with the #43, a wire mesh bead and a colorful glass bead. I am going to be making more of these house key fobs in various color combinations for our gift shoppe and an upcoming Christmas craft show.

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