Saturday, October 02, 2010

She is a witch...

The definition of a witch is: an ugly old hag credited with supernatural powers by practicing usually black magic witchcraft.

However this little witch does not fall into that catagory. This witch softie is, from the point of her black hat to the tip of her toes about 11" tall. She is made is made from black wool, her face and arms are a green almost suede-like fabric. Her hat is made with a black satiny fabric. The striped stockings are a knit fabric. On each black boot there is a square green button that resembles a little buckle. Her droopy eyes and the jack o' lantern she carries are both made from Sculpey. I painted her eyes and tried to match the color of her droopy eye lids to match the color of green fabric of her face. She is all dressed up for Halloween and ready to just do some trick or treating for candy.

POOF...the Snicker candy bars are gone!


  1. She is adorable! How amazing a talent you are, sister. I think she rocks! Hugs, Nance

  2. OH GEEZ...Nance thank you for such a nice comment!!!

    Love, Peg


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