Thursday, November 04, 2010

Fun Little House

I recently posted a photo pretty simlilar to this one...but, I went back to the "drawing board" and changed this house key chain. I was pretty proud of it , until someone asked me... what is that?
I said " a house"... like, are you kidding? Obviously, I then looked at this house key chain it in a different way, because I changed it around. I did not feel it was unrecognizable before looked like a house..maybe too much junk in the attic, though.
It is a fun little house for keys. AnywayI like it much better, fits in my purse better,too.
Before I had it stuffed way too much, it was like I was carrying around a small loaf of bread or a mango at the end of my key chain! Change is good.

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  1. Hi Peg! It's so nice to meet you! I love your little house. It's so cute! Have a great weekend! Twyla


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