Monday, November 29, 2010

Garter Stitch Picushion

The pincushion that I had been using was too small and so small that it kept tipping over, so I decided to try and knit one that was bigger and more stable. This one is about 4 inches in diameter and the weight of it makes it have good stability. You know, I like it. If I had some wool yarn, I would have used it...but, since this was just something I just tried I used what I had available at this time. Wool yarn could be used for the next one. I started it last evening and finished it, this evening. It is all done in garter stitch and on size #1 knitting needles. I used Vanna White yarn and then casted on 3o stitches and used my judgement on how long to make it. Keeping into consideration that it was going to be rolled, so it has to be long. My completed knitted piece was about 18-20 inches long. I folded it lengthwise in thirds....tacking it in place to hold it in place. I then rolled up the long folded piece { like a cinnamon roll or a snail shell }, tacking it in place to hold the "roll" in place till I had it completely tacked and held in place where it looked the best I could do...and then trimmed off the yarn ends and put the straight pins in it. With all the nice yarns out there, a person could make some real a real awesome pincushions!

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  1. Cute, Peg! I am thinking of the possibilities of this project. Just think how a random variegated yarn would look. Or crocheted little flowers around the circumference. I like it a lot. Great idea! Hugs, Nance


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