Monday, November 08, 2010

Keeping Cozy with Handknits

The weather has been just so very nice it is hard to beleive that before you know it the wind will be blowing and snow flurries will be in the air. You will be needing a hat and scarve, maybe something like this set that Dorothy Woropay has handknit in this beautiful and colorful yarn in rich autumn colors. On your way to Grandma's house for Thanksgiving, they would sure keep you cozy. Grandma would probably love them also!

These ear warmers are hand knit by Dorothy Woropay and made from the a soft and bulky type yarn. When the air becomes brisk they will keep your ears toasty warm while taking your dog for a walk or just being outside in general. They can also be used as a neck warmers. Either way, they are a must have for you or make a nice gift!

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  1. Hello sweet friend...

    These ear warmers are fabulous! What an AWESOME idea! LOVE LOVE LOVE the yarn your Momma used! YUMMO!



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